To foster the love of learning, discovery of passions, and critical observation of our world.


To leverage students’ unique learning strengths to prepare them for success in life.

Vidya’s distinguishing characteristic is a life-preparatory curriculum coupled with more effective methods for actively engaging the learners. Our life-preparatory curriculum combines a broad-based liberal arts education with practical life skills. Practical knowledge covers organizational skills, self-efficacy, personal finance, ethics and information technology that are essential to navigate the real world and to ensure that, as students approach adulthood, they are prepared for life, career and college. It’s all part of social-emotional learning that develops the whole person.

We primarily employ the Socratic method of open and free discussion of ideas, stimulating critical thinking, with teachers serving as facilitators rather than lecturers. Equally important in such discussions is the perspective gained from a diverse peer group. Furthermore, our project-based learning approach connects what they learn in classroom to the real world.

All you learn here, you’ll use in real life

Vidya is a private, not-for-profit, year-round high school serving the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, and beyond. As a truly independent school, with no federal/state/local government funding, we have the flexibility and agility to quickly respond and adapt to events. Whether they be urgent and limited in duration, like the coronavirus pandemic, or slow and sustained, like technological changes, we are in an ideal position to address the needs of the learners, families and community. Family involvement is key to the success of a child’s education, and Vidya welcomes strong family involvement. Because we are a private school, our families – tuition payers – are our only customers.