Treat everyone as individuals – We believe our differences and uniqueness give us our very identity. We do not label or stereotype. We demand the best of our learners and do not judge them based on appearance or physical characteristics.

Respect everyone – We encourage animated and passionate debate on important topics, but that must always be carried out respectfully, appealing to reason, without threats or name-calling.

Question everything – We encourage learners to be “why sayers,” because we believe asking questions is the only effective way to learn. We ask our learners to have the courage to question strongly held beliefs, including those dictated by faith, family and government. Questioning does not mean changing long-established traditions or habits but rather understanding the reasons behind them and the underlying assumptions. Such questioning is essential to defend our current beliefs or give us the strength to change our behavior.

Do the right thing – We believe freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin: One cannot exist without the other. At Vidya, responsibility is doing the right thing when no one is looking. Just that simple act protects and guarantees our freedoms and makes for a better world.

Improve Continuously – We never presume to know everything or even know how to do most things well. We are quick learners and good listeners who take ownership of outcomes and have a drive for continual improvement. We are confident that our learners, equipped with these very characteristics, will lead us to a bright and better future for humanity.