Dear Parents,

As a parent of two children ready for high school back in 2014, I struggled to find the right school for them in the Porter Ranch area. The walkable private school wasn’t affordable, the “preferred” charter schools and magnet schools were 20-30 minutes away and required playing the lottery or magnet-points game, and homeschooling wasn’t the ideal choice for our family. Even the best schools seemed to focus on standardized tests rather than the authentic learning needed for success in the 21st century.

I launched Vidya Community High School to offer you the choice I did not have. More than that, I want Vidya to be a different kind of school that addresses the needs of the parents and adapts to the times. It is the product of my life experiences – seeing the utter failure of state-run enterprises in India and the US, putting myself through some of the best colleges in the country, working for over two decades at one of the most respected engineering institutions in the world, and seeing my own kids through the high school years. From these, I learned firsthand that high schools, public or private, don’t prepare students for the essentials of life, let alone college or career. For example, the student debt crisis is the direct result of the lack of personal finance education in the high school curriculum. At Vidya, both the curriculum and methods of instruction are tailored to provide a practical and liberal education in an engaging way.

As a new school, we are uniquely positioned to prepare your child to thrive as a contemporary in a world that needs compassionate and brilliant young people more than ever.

Every child has a natural curiosity. That’s especially true of high schoolers, who approach these four formative years with an eye toward the real world and a kindling desire to make their voices heard within it. Students at Vidya are encouraged to observe the world as it exists around them now, to think critically about its challenges, and to apply concepts learned in the classroom to passions explored outside of it.

As the founder of Vidya, I look forward to working with you and your future leader at the moment their full selves are taking shape.


Dr. Muthu Jeganathan
Founder & Director