Vidya’s objective is to have every student master the contents of each course they take. Frequent and varied assessment is, therefore, essential to determine where students stand and take corrective actions in a timely manner so that learning objectives are met. For example, after the first month of each trimester, Friday’s Discovery period will be increasingly devoted to adaptive exercises and individualized tutoring to ensure mastery of the modules.

Each trimester, facilitators and counselors provide a joint, detailed, descriptive report based on the following:

  • Traditional (but non-multiple-choice) tests and final exams
  • Oral tests
  • Preparation for classes
  • Counselor observation in classes: Counselors will regularly sit in on classes and assess student participation. Shy students who may not speak up in class will have opportunities to provide inputs via “live messaging.”
  • Students with accessibility needs will be fully accommodated in the assessment.

The descriptive assessment will provide corrective actions in the event a student falls short of mastering a topic in a given trimester.

We realize that standardized tests, such as PSAT and SAT, are important in the real world. Though they are incomplete as a measure of student growth and far from perfect, they do provide some level of external reference. Vidya will thus prepare students, through specific and periodic training and practice exams, to perform well in these standardized tests.