Vidya is a life-preparatory high school. Therefore, career and college advising is an integral part of its life-skills curriculum. This starts from the ninth grade by introducing teens to options available after high school graduation and how these options fit into their career plans. At the beginning of each school year, learners will set and/or revise their career goals.

During eleventh grade, learners will develop their résumés and portfolios, participate in mock interviews, and evaluate sample job offers. It is our goal to have every senior student engage in their community through service projects, gainful employment, internships, or apprenticeships. Each opportunity will be custom designed to align a student’s interest with a real-world experience. We believe six months’ worth of working for someone else and serving diverse customers is more valuable in life than four years’ worth of in-class lectures.

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."
- B.B. King

For many, college is the right steppingstone in their career path. In addition to preparing them for the academic rigors of college-level courses, we will provide expert counseling and college planning services to guide them through the application process.  In tenth grade, students will learn how their career paths relate to their standard of living as part of their personal finance project. Eleventh grade English classes will hone their essay writing skills. We will engage parents to support their children during their application process and will invite them to seminars on college financing. Throughout the four years, students will build an online portfolio that highlights their accomplishments and growth, making a solid case for their college success. As a year-round school, we take full advantage of the summer trimester to get a leg up on the college application process. The parallel social-emotional learning will ensure kids meet college deadlines without the stress.