Combining extensive online resources, frequent live discussions and periodic face-to-face meetings with instructors, this blended program is ideal for students who are ready to take ownership of their learning.

At the beginning of each session, the student, parents/guardians and school director together develop a student-centered program with detailed class schedule and milestones. Students then work independently, on their own daily schedule, with online material and school-assigned tasks and projects. The personalized projects cater to student interests to ensure a love of learning. School facilitators monitor progress regularly and guide the student when and where needed.

This program is ideal for non-traditional students including (a) home-schooled students who need extra support from experts, (b) students with significant athletic or arts commitment looking for a flexible program to get their high school diploma, or (c) students with special education or accessibility needs who are productive in non-classroom settings. Contact us to discuss if PES is right for your child.

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