Each student will be given a laptop (1:1) at the beginning of 9th grade, and each will keep the device through completion of high school. Each laptop will have all the necessary software installed – Microsoft Teams, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, OneNote and Canvas (or equivalent). At the end of each year, laptops will be returned to the school. The laptops will be inspected for continued use, the hard disks will be wiped, software reinstalled, and returned to students at the beginning of the new grade. We believe most students will have access to laptops, desktops, tablets, or internet-connected TVs at home. Consequently, there will be no need for students to take home the school-provided laptops, increasing the probability that laptops will be in good condition for four years.

We also believe every student will likely have a smartphone. Instead of curbing or limiting phone use in classes, we will embrace the use of smartphones and emphasize proper and respectful use of them.