New School Location

Finding a good school site is not an easy task. In fact, it was one of my top risks when I decided to start Vidya. Our search for a school site began last December. We first visited Temple Ahavat Shalom in early February to see if their school building was a good fit for our needs. It was love at first sight! Set in a large, secluded campus, the 5000-square-foot space occupies the entire second floor of the Temple’s school building and is already built out as 10 decent-sized classrooms. In addition, the location is all of the following:

  • Quiet: Hidden in a residential neighborhood, the temple is surrounded by homes on three sides. To the north is an embankment separating the campus from the 118 Freeway.
  • Safe: The campus has high gates or walls on all sides with remote-controlled access and a high-tech security camera system.
  • Easily accessible: Rinaldi St. is just a couple of minutes from the Reseda exit off the 118 Freeway.
  • Adequate for our first year’s growth: We can rent their large hall and multipurpose room for events like graduation or annual showcases. There is ample parking space too.

With the pandemic and lockdowns, after many hesitations and negotiation, we finally signed the lease. With access to the facilities, we are putting in the networking infrastructure and planning the classroom décor for open houses in November. Come see us soon!

Muthu Jeganathan

Founder & President
October 1, 2020