Maker Learning Network Partnership

 I was introduced to Maker Learning Network (formerly iLEAD Schools Development) staff back in January. After a few emails, I got a chance to meet its founders and leaders in person and visit few of the iLEAD schools in the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys. Spending almost a day at iLEAD schools and seeing the students and facilitators in action, I realized how much Vidya’s vision aligned with iLEAD’s practices. We continued the conversation for several months and just inked an MOU to partner.

Vidya may be less than a year old with just a few staff members, but supporting us now is a 500-plus-educator-strong team to guide us with their experience and help us succeed. After the success in Southern California, MLN has expanded their network with schools in Ohio, Colorado and Hawaii. Our partnership with MLN gives us immediate access to practical implementation of field-tested ideas that work, such as project-based learning (PBL), social-emotional learning (SEL), blended learning, and Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs). MLN will further assist Vidya with operational and back-office functions, such as human resources, payroll, benefits, staff training, marketing, facilities, and information technology.

Moreover, students of Vidya have access to services offered by other MLN members, such as international student exchange programs (Cultural Bridges), summer camps in Kauai (Camp Kahili), aerospace projects (iLEAD Student Aerospace Projects) and online classes offered through iLEAD Online and World Over International School.

We are fortunate to partner with MLN at an early stage to guide our growth. Working with MLN’s staff has been an absolute pleasure.

Muthu Jeganathan

Founder & President
August 30, 2020