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A year of virtual learning has had a serious impact on all students. While academics have inevitably taken a plunge, the toll on students’ mental health also needs to be considered. Survey data (see Schoolhouse Rocked article in Stanford Magazine) shows an increase in anxiety and depression because of “months of isolation, lockdowns, and deaths.” Most teenagers want and need to spend time with their peers, and Vidya Community High School wants to provide a safe space for them to get this much needed interaction.

As a new member of the San Fernando Valley community, Vidya Community High School is eager to find creative ways to address the current needs of its residents. This includes offering a weekly Teen Community Circle for students aged 13-17 that want a safe space to meet and interact with their peers. The one-hour group meetings will begin on April 8th and take place for four Thursdays. Myriah Bibian (Master of Science, School Counseling) will lead discussions and fun activities that encourage the youth to open up with one another.

Vidya will implement protocol to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, including limiting group sizes to six or less students. If you are interested in reserving a spot for your teen, please email

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